Possible to extract "street types" and "average speeds"

Let’s assume I have a given set of routes (e.g. A to B, C to D, …) and I would like to know

  1. what kind of streets ("Highway, Country Road, Streets in the City, …) were used and

  2. what the expected average velocity (according to the street sign) for each route is.

Is it possible to extract this information?

Thank you for your reply!

I wanted very similar question - I am looking for way to export surface and steepness info.

Looking at graphhopper/README.md at 3.x · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub

I see “Displays and takes into account elevation data”.

I also see “Shows details along a route like road_class or max_speed (“path details”)”.

So it should be at least partially possible, not figured out how to access that.

I setup quickstart as described in graphhopper/quickstart-from-source.md at 3.x · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub but I will need to loo for info how to use that features.

Right now http://localhost:8989/route?point=52.5300591%2C13.3565022&point=52.5060440%2C13.4378107&details=edge_id&details=street_name is the best.

No idea how (and is it possible) to turn edge_id into info about road surface.

details=road_class or details=surface and many more can be used. You can use localhost:8989/info to get all available path details (encoded_values) or add some in the config.yml if not yet available like surface.

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