PointNotFoundException for Military Base / Private Roads

I’m using GraphHopper version 0.10.1. I’m also using the, " north-america-latest.osm.pbf" file. And I’m getting a lot of PointNotFoundException. The majority of them are in Hawaii and it’s usually when one of the locations are in a military base. Any thoughts on how to handle it gracefully?

For example:

GraphHopper Link:

Google Map Link:

I can’t look right now but it’s likely a similar issue that I ran into regarding gated neighborhoods. Look at the underlying mapping data in OSM database. There’s probably a private gate or road restriction. If so, normal car driving directions won’t route through it. GH will treat the blocked off sections as islands. Or, if the island is all military and too small I think it will get excluded. There’s a config setting for the minimum island size.

If you want those roads to be included, you could maybe lower the minimum island size, and make a vehicle encoder that allows routing through private military roadways and gates.

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