Point by point map-match of GPX trace

Hello Graphhopper developpers

I have a GPX trace of the form

P1: 40.007732,116.319716,0,73,39745.0850347222,2008-10-24,02:02:27
P2: 40.007707,116.319719,0,89,39745.0850925926,2008-10-24,02:02:32
P3: 40.007763,116.319702,0,79,39745.085150463,2008-10-24,02:02:37
P4: 40.007745,116.319685,0,78,39745.0852083333,2008-10-24,02:02:42

I would like to get for each GPS coordinate the road segment associated and the time

for example:

for P1: 40.007732,116.319716,0,73,39745.0850347222,2008-10-24,02:02:27
I would like to get the output as “Point_ID, Road_ID, time” in this example is P1,30546, 2008-10-24,02:02:27

Is it possible with GraphHopper?

Thanks in advance for any help in this topic

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I would like to

You can snap this to road but currently we do not associate all such entries, but we should do this. See the other recent discussion.

Thank you for the reply, Ok, I would like to know how I can process the map-matching of many GPS points to road ( regardless the time) using Ghraphhopper, but snap point by point, and i will use a python script to integrate the time for each point and finally delete redundant entries if there is.

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Hi noura,

Did you manage to find out how to retrieve results on a point by point basis even without the time?
If so, could you please share the solution or provide some guidance on how to do it.