Path details: show only average_speed

In the recent master we’ve introduced path details. Now I would like to show only the changes to average_speed in the map. When I append details=average_speed&debug=true to the URL I get red markers for the instructions and blue markers for the average_speed changes:

But I think they can overlap (like in the upper right corner of the path) and I would like to avoid printing the red markers or printing the blue markers first. Also I would have expected only the average_speed markers as I just specified them in the details parameter. @boldtrn is this a known current limitation of the UI?

Also the error message if I append instructions seems a bit off :wink:
“You requested the details [instructions,average_speed] but we could only find []”

The default behaviour of GH is to include instructions. If they are in the response and you set debug=true, they will be shown. I think the fix would be to disable instructions.

The instructions are no PathDetails in this sense, so you cannot specify them as details. I am not sure why the second brace is empty as the code looks like this: throw new IllegalArgumentException("You requested the details " + requestedPathDetails + " but we could only find " + builders); Did you specify it like details=average_speed&details=instructions. This should not work, but the error message should contain the average speed :).

Ah, yes. This is good enough :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know (at least not now).

Yes, that was my question :slight_smile: [quote=“boldtrn, post:2, topic:2419”]
Did you specify it like details=average_speed&details=instructions

I tried details=instructions,average_speed

It will disable the path details somehow too.

Update: Fixed with:

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