OSM PBF importOrLoad error for any file from geofabrik.de

So I saw some previous discussions about PBF errors, except I am pulling the files directly from downloads.geofabrik.ge and am receiving the runtime exception of “Unable to read PBF file”. this takes place in the PbfReader.java when it is trying to decode the blobs. I don’t understand what the problem is though. I am currently using version 1.0.4pre of the dependencies in our application. I was able to somehow call GraphhopperOSM().foServer(), followed by settings and loadOrImport() which worked for a file of utah.osm.pbf. Any other file I try to use now gives me the PBF error.

Is there a reason it does not seem to want to import the files now? I’m coming to a loss as to why there is a problem with the data directly from the server.

Are you clearing cache before using a different pbf file?

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