OSM highway width tag


I’d like to ask does Graphhopper considered “Width” tag on OSM? The context is if there is a residential or living_street highway type which actually very small alley where only 1 car can pass, I’m wondering if graphhopper has specific width value for each of vehicle type? So we don’t have to add “motorcar=no” tag into the OSM.


Currently max_width is not considered for car but with customizable routing it is very simple or use the master that has a more readable format:

- if: max_width < 1.5
  multiply by: 0

But if one car can pass, why would you disallow access or even tag it with motorcar=no?

Yes that’s true we don’t have to put motorcar=no, I’m currently just playing around and experimenting with the tags. Thanks for clarifying @karussell

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