Not prioritizing vehicle with lower cost per distance

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve a problem where in I have to give priority to vehicles having specific skills rather than vehicles having list of skills.

there are 2 types of jobs (1) have the skill as “S1” only (2) have the skill as “S2” only.
There are also 2 types of vehicles:
(1) having skill only “S1”
(2) having both the skills “S1” and “S2”.

What i want is that jobs having “S1” skills should be assigned to vehicles having “S1” skill only and if some orders are left after vehicle capacity is utilized then only they should be assigned to vehicles having both “S1” and “S2” skills.

Solution Tried
I assigned the vehicles having “S1” skill only a low cost per distance and vehicles having both the skills a higher cost per distance, so that vehicles with “S1” skills should be used more to make the final route cost as minimal as possible.

But this is not working as expected. I have tried this with low values like [cost of S1] = 2400 and [cost of S1,S2] = 3200 and also with higher values like 49000:64000 but still the results are not favorable. The final route includes 6 vehicles with (S1,S2) skills and only 1 vehicle with (S1) skill where as the vehicles provided as input are (S1) = 8 and (S1,S2) = 6.

Any help is appreciated.

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