New to Graphhopper - Healthcare use case feasibility

My requirements are as follows: wanted to understand if this can be achieved with graphhopper. Appreciate any help with this.

A client might need 2-3 types of services over a period of two months.
For example a client might need nursing, therapy and aide services and
say two nursing, one therapy and one aide visit per week on regular intervals
Nursing visit is for 30 mins, therapy visit for one hour and aide visit
for 2 hours. I would have 5 nurses, 3 therapists and one aide each with
their own vehicle and each visit needs to be on a separate day and about
100 clients to serve. Need to optimize routes for the operation based on
travel time and expected traffic for the next day. An additional constraint would be to assign the same provider to each specialty visit for that patient unless the optimization can enable the provider to do an additional visit for the day.

Setup service time for the realative job requirement.
Add skills for specific jobs where one nurse must service the same patient.
Have patient job bookings set to different days to avoid nursing visiting same patient on the same day.
I’ve never integrated traffic.

Great, thanks for the reply! Looks like this is technically feasible. I am not a developer so not exactly sure how I can work this. By any chance can you kindly advise how I would be able to engage a developer experienced with this to be able to integrate it a with a third party EMR software?

All that base functionality is relatively easy to setup using Open Door Logistics (which uses graphhopper and JSprit)

It is free to download and use, it doesn’t have a support forum like this but you should be able to work it out. Setup your data in a spreadsheet load it in and route. Make sure you have a roadnetwork though.
That’s where I started out until I needed to customize it and connect to my databases instead of manual extracts.

If you get stuck using it after you have given it a fair go, message me and I’ll help where I can.

Thanks! I ll reach out to them

You shouldn’t need to reach out to them. Just download it and follow some tutorials.

Actually importing excel etc would not work in my case it has to be directly connected with the third party software either through API or database. Moreover I am a business person and wouldn’t want to spend my time maintaining/troubleshooting the software even if somehow I figure out how to achieve what is needed (I highly doubt that I can). I would rather hire an expert/professional to do what they do best which would be more efficient for me in the long term. Will keep looking and please do let me know if you can help to develop this:) Thank you very much for the help and advise

Fair enough.
In our application for weekly runs using ODL we have a database setup with customer requirements/locations/vehicles etc and then export it from the database into excel. While more manual than a direct database connection it suits its intended purpose and doesn’t require knowledge of Java.
Someone with reasonable knowledge of excel can get the data to load into excel (on load) quite easily through a database connection.
All the best.

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