My profile img doesn't change

Hello I’m using the GH3. I want to change the template in ‘main-template.js’ because I want to justify icons to my profiles. This is the function :

 function createButton(profile, hide) {
                    var profileName =;
                    var button = $("<button class='vehicle-btn' title='" + profileDisplayName(profileName) + "'/>");
                    if (hide)

                    button.attr('id', profileName);
                    button.html(`<img src='img/${profileName.toLowerCase()}.png' alt='${profileDisplayName(profileName)}'/>`);
           () {
                        if (ghRequest.route.isResolved())
                    return button;

The problem is the ‘src’ property is exactly the same for my three profiles, so in the end I have three the same icons but the ‘alt’ property is correct - every of them is named as the profile. I’m using the same var ‘profileName’ for both. Anyone has got any idea?

I don’t think I understand your question.
If you wonder why your code changes do not affect the web UI make sure to either run npm run bundle or mvn clean package -DskipTests, restart the server and refresh your browser window after changing the JavaScript code.

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