Multiple vehicles slowing down routing

Hey there,
I’m using an offline version 0.6.0 and prepared for CH weights “fastest, shortest” and vehicles “car, foot”. Before I used just “car”. Since I added the new prepared files with “foot” the calculation of distances between several points slowed down by factor 5. My request don’t even use “foot” as vehicle. I just prepared the CH files with the, added the files to the correct folder and adjusted the instantiation of GraphhopperAPI.

 public static GraphHopperAPI createInstance(String ghResourcesPath) {
        GraphHopper hopper = new GraphHopper().forDesktop();
        hopper.setEncodingManager(new EncodingManager("car, foot"));
        hopper.setCHWeightings("fastest", "shortest");

        return hopper;

thanks in advance!

Indeed strange.

Are you using GH on Android? If yes, which version and how much RAM does it have? How large is the area that you compared the car routing with?

I use it on Windows Desktop. The area is very small, just Oberbayern and Schwaben

This shouldn’t be the case - how large is the folder of the graphhopper data? Try to set the JVM RAM to that value plus 10% although the defaults are already 1g and should be sufficient I think

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Thanks, that was the problem. Someone set the heap to 400mb which was way to low. The folder is just 250mb but after setting the heap higher I got back almost the same speed like before.

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