More than one InstructionAnnotation per way

I’m currently experimenting with the InstructionAnnotation class, trying to get more details into the routing instructions. I implemented my own FlagEncoder with an EncodedValue wayTypeEncoder (as in BikeCommonFlagEncoder). But I would like to include more than one feature of the way in the instructions (such as: stairs AND handrail AND step_count). Is there already a way to do that?

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There is currently no way for this, but this is an important thing to add while the flexibility improvements

Ok, thanks.
I will try it with different EncodedValues for different features as you’ve done it in that pull request you linked in the other thread.

To get this working I changed some code in my GH fork.
Instructions can now have multiple InstructionAnnotations and the annotations themselves can have a title which is some kind of a key. So you can use different EncodedValues and assign them to different annotations.

Feel free to have a look at the related commit and comment on it.

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