Map Matching Results File


I am very new to the Java language, however, I have been successful in figuring out how to run the Map Matching application.

Currently, I am running the application the following way:
cd /cygdrive/c/map-matching
./ action=import datasource=./map-data/some-data vehicle=car
./ action=match gpx=./gpx-data/some-data

I am also able to access the Map Matching server through:
./ action=start-server
and upload a .gpx file which is then matched

My question seems very trivial, but where are the matched results stored (exact file location) and what data is stored (matched nodes, node lat, node lon, …)? I need to be able to access and save such a file for the results.

My end goal is to also be able to store the road type (determined by OSM) for each matched node within this result file as well.

I would appreciate any help, as I have been searching through the forum and managed to get so far, yet I have no results to show for it.