Map Matching Improvements

I’ve implemented an improvement for the matching (instead of weight limited it is now node count limited) and instructions can now be added to the GPX output. Furthermore there is a simple tool to determine the bounding box of the GPX file(s) here.

Please let me know if this works and improves the situation for your files, or at least does not make anything worse. Also this should improve the speed if you have many GPX files or want to do matching in real time.

Now there is a simple web matching service, where you can http POST your GPX files and get back snapped results either as GPX or as GraphHopper JSON!

There is now interesting work improving the map matching quality (a lot), available as pull request. Furthermore I added a simple JS demo to make testing everything out a lot easier.

Please try it out and let us know your experience.

To try it out you need a slightly outdated GH master like e.g. e7804a641356d9c6c0fafa68bfdf2a5774363b9f

This improvement plus an additional performance boost is now in the master. Also the simple JS demo like now shown in the Readme is in place.