Longer way round direction

I have been trying to use the gh service via https://graphhopper.com/maps/ but then I get some results that doesn’t really seems to make sense.
For instance, if I try to search for direction using this setting:
Then for some reason:

  1. It would take a long way round instead of using shorter routes
  2. It seems to bypass footpath and choose to use roads instead despite further away
  3. It choose to reach destination using a road that is further away from the destination as well as have a cliff separating the path from the destination POI despite there is a more reasonable road right next to the destination
  4. It doesn’t seems to process stairs well
    Can that be improved?

This is a data problem.
Please note, it will take a bit so that new ways or changes end up in the database. (Up to 1 week)

I see, thanks.