Load Import with the right version

I wiling to use an stable GH version, in this case 0.12 , I’ve read this topic , but when I ran mvn clean install -DskipTests=true I can see it’s using 0.12-SNAPSHOT and not 0.12, which is not recommended as far as I know.

Steps I tried so far:

  1. Clone the GH repo.
  2. Switch to 0.12 branch git checkout origin/0.12
  3. Run mvn clean install -DskipTests=true
  4. Import my pbf file to generate the graph tree.
  5. Build android client using GH 0.12
  6. Get > incorrect location index version, expected:96230

I would like to know why if I want to use 0.12 version(git checkout origin/0.12) it is using version 0.12-SNAPSHOT. Maybe this is why I cant use 0.12 on android but 0.13-SNAPSHOT worked. I’m a bit confused I guess.

Short question: How can I import using GH 0.12 and not GH 0.12-SNAPSHOT?