Java on Android and iOS

Just for future reference …

As robovm is closing down I was reading at the libGDX author its blog about the current alternatives for deploying ‘Java’ to Android and more importantly iOS. I feel comfortable with J2ObjC but long term we probably need something else? Not sure if Apple will close down Objective-C support at some point :slight_smile:

Some of the interesting options are:

  • open source forks of robovm: FlexoVM and bugvm
  • Xamarin & IKVM
  • rewrite in .NET/C#
  • Avian
  • CodeName1 (probably not a good choice re performance?)
  • OpenJDK9 should work on Android&iOS (interesting but apps will be too huge :frowning: )

closed source:

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Doesn’t the article refer mostly on deploying apps on iOS (not Android)?


Sure, although the reason behind this is that deploying Java/JVM to iOS is more complex. And I was talking about deploying to Java and iOS to not exclude techniques like converting to C or AOT and using Androids NDK etc.