Issue with importing org.graphstream

I cannot resolve dependency issue for org.graphstream.
I checked the pom file and it does not describe dependency for org.graphstream.
Do I need to add this dependency by myself?

No. The tool you are using (maven, gradle, IDE, …) should do this for you, see the answer to your previous question: Dependency issue after importing

thanks for help but I searched google and spent more than 10 hours.
I am new to maven.
I tried
-deleted everything from .m2/repository
-clean project
-update maven dependency with ‘Force update of snapshot’

I watched this video tutorial. Unlike the tutorial (at 4:00) I dont see ‘Maven Dependency’ container in the project.

When i try to run an example, i get the following error. what might be the cause of this?

Error: Could not find or load main class com.graphhopper.jsprit.examples.AdditionalDistanceConstraintExample

Again, we have no experience with Eclipse to help you further. Just download IntelliJ/Netbeans open the project and you are done. Or consult the appropriate Eclipse/Stackoverflow forum