Is it possible to find all nodes within a given bounding box?

I’m trying to render the underlying graph from GH on top of a map. I’ve been using the LocationIndexTree with limited success, calling findNetworkEntries. The problem being, getting nodes this way only gives me a subset of nodes within the region as this method only takes a single geographic coordinate.

I was reading GH nodes are sequentially numbered, perhaps there is some way to get the correct node id range for a given bounding box? Or perhaps, I’m just missing something entirely :smile:

Have a look into the swing app MiniGraphUI in the tools module. Also you should use the location index only to fetch the initial node or edge and then use e.g. BreadthFirstSearch to explore the area up to the bounds you provide. With that it should be indeed relative easy to draw the network on top of your map, but our format is not optimized for displaying so it is probably only possible to draw it for a small subset (e.g. around your route) or use it only for debugging.

Would be nice to have something like this for debugging purposes directly the web UI, so that one does not need to start the separate swing app, let me know if you want to provide a pull request!

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