Is "avoid" still not supported in open source version of GH?


A while back I asked a question in another thread about using the “avoid” parameter in routing requests on a self-hosted solution.

We added “” to our config file and “&ch.disable=true&avoid=motorway” to our requests but it didn’t have any effect.

At the time you said:

“Sorry, I forgot that this feature is currently only implemented in our EE service (not really to hide it to make money, but to hide it as it is a bit ugly and we don’t want to support that in our open source software, where we plan a better infrastructure for these features).”

Is it still the case that the “avoid” parameter can’t be used with the self-hosted solution?


There is no such parameter but the feature is already there. See the new customizable routing feature:

Wow, that looks great, so much flexibility. I hadn’t spotted the announcement about the new version amidst all the coronavirus distractions. Just need to get my head around how it works now and what implementation entails. Many thanks.

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I’ve started to experiment with various profile settings using your demo server, but I’ve hit a snag, which I think may be an old issue. In the following example, I am trying to route By Bike from a Service Road (asphalt), via a Path (ground), to a Bridle Path (ground). It reaches the Path but won’t go onto the Bridle Path. The Bridle Path has Allowed Access for Bicycles set to Yes on OSM and also has a bicycles tag set to yes.

If I change the vehicle to Foot it works OK and if I then add the following custom profile while still using Foot it correctly prevents routing over the Path and Bridle Path.

surface: {
ground: 0.0

There just seems to be an issue with Bike routing over the Bridle Path even though cycling is explicitly allowed.

I don’t think it is related to the customizable routing feature. This could be just a bug. If you can reproduce this in a test (see e.g. BikeFlagEncoderTest) I try to fix this fast.

I’m not sure what you need (I don’t know what BikeFlagEncoderTest is). You can see the issue here:

It won’t route all the way to the finish marker, despite the Bridle Path having explicit Access permissions for cycling. Let me know if you need anything further.

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