IntelliJ style


Has anybody managed to import the IntelliJ style recently? I tried with 14.0.4 but for example the Code Formatter still puts curly brackets at the end of the line (From the IntelliJ example:)

    public void foo(boolean a, int x, int y, int z) {


Hmmh, that is ugly. Not sure which version I used. But can you create a working style for this version and provide this as a PR?

Sadly the project has only support for very few such settings.

Based on your answer I assume that you don’t use IntelliJ? I can easily export my IntelliJ style based on what I see.
What else is important for you besides the newline before {?

No, I’m used to NetBeans :slight_smile: I really miss the multi project support in IntelliJ

In NetBeans the settings are storable (and stored) in the pom.xml

There are some other tweaks to make both formattings consistent which I do not remember anymore. Maybe I should better document this, but it is easy to find when you apply the auto formatting for the whole source and see what has changed.

Also we need to investigate checkstyle to be executed automatically … I’ve created