Integrate the realtime traffic to GH 1.0

Hi Team,

I’m working on the project which need to feed the realtime traffic to GH. Found some topics on the forum explaining how to integrate the actual traffic to GH (for GH 0.10.0).

Can you help to advise how to do it on the latest version (1.0)?

Thank you very much.

Hi Team,

Is there anyone can help? Thank you very much.

What kind of solution did you find for GH 0.10.0? Did you try the same for 1.0? What exactly is not working for you?

Hi Easbar,

I’m following the suggestion from , but it seems don’t support for GH1.0 anymore (just support for 0.10)

Let say we have system to capture realtime traffic with OSM data. The problem is I don’t know how to add it to GH1.0, could please help to advise how to do it ? or is there any basic guildeline ?

Tried to find it on forum, but cannot find any good suitable solution.

Thank you very much.

As it is written in the description: this repo is not maintained. Of course you can contribute to upgrade it to 1.0 :slight_smile:

Hi ,
Thanks. I really want to do. But don’t know how to begin actually. :frowning:

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