Initialroutes with issues

since a short time now I have problem with initial routes.

If I am runnig with no initial routes everything is fine and works. But when put in the problem an initial route, after this line:

Jsprit.Builder algorithmBuilder = Jsprit.Builder.newInstance(problem);
algorithm = algorithmBuilder
.setProperty(Jsprit.Parameter.THREADS, “2”)
.setProperty(Jsprit.Parameter.VEHICLE_SWITCH, “false”)

after some time the optimization crashes before the initial route is made with an “Arrayindexoutofboundsexception”. I have no clue what i can do, because i didn´t change anything to the initial routes. I made some changes in my code but i recovered the old version and it has the same problem. I remember, that in this line I posted above was somehow a problem shown in my netbeans IDE. I clicked there on something at the hint, and the problem disapiered. I don´t know if this caused the problem.

I hope someone can help me


Look at this

It should be fixed with the latest master.

The problem had been the new JobNeighborhoodsOptimized I introduced along with this issue and this commit.
If you want a fast solution, just uncomment this and comment the optimized ones.

Okay thank you very much!

Note that if you used the latest master and use some XMLWriter/Reader for reading/writing problem or algorithm, you should explicitly build and add


to your pom and change your imports accordingly. The io stuff is - since yesterday - not part of the core anymore which by the way makes the core even more lightweight.