Include jsprit in graphhopper

In the past few days i’m trying to include the jsprit engine in a graphhopper instalation but without success.
Anyone can give me some hints (doccumentation, github repository) to achive this objective?

Thank you,

Why do you want to include jsprit in graphhopper?

Hi @stefan,
I want to, given a list of points, that the graphhopper routing engine return the fastest route between all points where start and destination points are fixed.

Ok, then you do not need to include jsprit in graphhopper, but calculate the travel time matrix with graphhopper and solve the vrp based on this matrix with jsprit.


Just a computer science question,
It is really necessary to provide all the cost matrix? I don’t want a optimal solution. Could be a sub-optimal.

You are right. There are situations where it is not feasible to pre-calculate the whole distance matrix.

The second part of one of my earlier entries is exactly about the ways how distance matrix could be handled and when to choose the different approaches.

So, your question is stands, but I don’t think deep integration is needed. There will be a single connection point between the two systems: when the cost/time calculator (or the matrix cache) calls out to get the route. I’m not at home with graphhopper, so I can’t give you step-by-step instructions, how to integrate the two systems. :frowning:

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