Include far distance cycle paths into route calculation

Hi everyone,

I just thought if it would be possible to include long distance cycle paths into route calculation? So that those paths get preferred over a path parallel to those paths.

For example a ride from Berlin to Rostock looks like this.

But between Berlin and Rostock goes the D11, it’s also a part of the Bikeway Berlin Copenhagen (as a new user I can only attach two links, otherwise I would link them, for now Google is your friend). You can see it if you choose the TF Cycle layer in the graphhopper map, then it’s the red path close to the calculated path. It would be nice if the routing engine routes me as bicyclist over the red way instead of a shorter but shared-with-cars way.

Technically there could be a flag for bicycle routing to prefer those ways. The cycle routes (which can be found in Open Cycle Maps, graphhopper offers the TF Cycle Map, I guess it’s the same) could cost less than other ways for routing.

Are there currently any plans for that? If not, is there a chance this feature will make it into graphhopper in the future?

Cheers Konstantin