Import Europe - WEB Jar 4.0

Graphhopper 4.0 fails to build the graph cache in version 4.0 for europe-latest.jar with exception:
Illegal stateexception for suspicious coordinates for node.

Already posted it as a bug ( )

In the meantime: I guess this problem should have hit other people. Anyone an idea how to work around it?
My best guess for now would be to get the way ID from the Exception message and drop that way from the PBF with Osmium and prepare a new (cleaned) PBF or something like that and then try again to import.

Could be a solution if there only a handful of problematic ways … but if there are a lot i am doomed :slight_smile:
Any ideas?

Try using an extract of Europe from Geofabrik: Geofabrik Download Server

Mh yeah, in the past i only used files form geofabrik.
But since several weeks the europe-latest.osm.pbf download does not work. (subregions are working, but not the whole europe)

Are you sure? It looks like it is working:

Always tried with Chrome, with Firefox it works.

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Geofabrik europe import went through successfully over the night. Thanks for the help.

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