How to show routing result


I am new to GraphHopper and I am trying to use it for a bike routing project.
In my project, I consider electric bike. For that reson I created a new custom weight which calculates the energy consumption of the route.
I would like to change the parameters in my custom weight and be able to identify the changes in the route, and also compare the route obtained using my custom weight with the route obtained with the fastest weight. I tried to get the gpx entries as mentionned here, but the createGPX method is no more available in core. I would like to know how is it possible to visualize the routing result with my custom weight in a map ?
I am also trying to crate a newFlagEncoder, I followed the steps mentionned here, but the last step “graphHopper.setEncodingManager(new EncodingManager(myEncoder));” does not work and I got an error (The constructor EncodingManager(String) is undefined). How could I add my new flagEncoder to the EncodingManager ?
Than you in advance for your help.

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