How to install local graphhopper routing api?

I want to install a local routing service that include the routing api, so i can make a routing request via[version]/route. I know that there are lots of open source code on the github, and i have installed the graphhopper under the instruction of, but this doesn’t provide the routing api. What should i do to install the routing api?

You mean the end point localhost:8989/route ?

yes, i mean the end point localhost:8989/route. Because l have set up my local openstreetmap, i want the rails port connect with my local routing service, so i need the routing api.

The end point should be up and running if you run e.g. ./ web your.pbf or what exactly is your problem?

It is my fault, i should use localhost:8989/route rathen than localhost:8989/api/[version]route.