How to implement 'continous' space? Like a person traversing a plaza in real world

I am new to Graphhopper. As I understood from the GraphHopper docs the OSM data is converted into
nodes and edges depending on a vehicle type (car, foot, etc.). I have a problem in which I want to compute routes in quite a small area (25x25 kilometer), but the area contains roads, fields, forests and rivers. My vehicle is able to traverse fields and forests (like a person could traverse, for instance, a plaza in any direction) and therefore these area’s should be treated as more or less ‘continuous’.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how do this?

Should I make changes to my OSM file so the conversion from OSM file to graph discretizes these area’s? How to do that? Can I use existing vehicle types that support/mimic the required behavior?

Any suggestion would be helpful.

Area routing / open space routing isn’t supported currently (as far as I know). However, there’s some detailed discussion on that and some working code (albeit a few years old now) at Area routing for pedestrian/bike · Issue #82 · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub.

I’d start there!

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Thanks Sam, this looks promising!

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