How convert non osm file (My routing information) to structure that can use in graphhopper

I want to use my routing information in graphhopper rather than the OSM file.
So I want to know my data must convert to which structure that is acceptable in graphhopper and use it?

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GraphHopper has additional readers, besides OSM.
In repository there are also JSON and SHP readers.

Thanks for your reply
But i have my own format for my data.
Can I have your kind assistance to help me about how can i understand the
output data has which format to convert my data to this format?

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Either convert your format into shp or osm file format or you have to write your own DataReader, e.g. see the OSMReader or PrinctonReader.

I want to convert my data to Json format, But when reading this
i can not understand how can i define the direction of street in json format.

does any one know about how define the direction in json format.

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I convert my data to Json format and read this data like this:

{private final GHJson ghson = new GHJsonBuilder().create();

public void main(String[] args) {
JsonFeatureCollection data = getJson(“1.json”);
if ((data.getFeatures().size())!=3)
System.out.println(“Not equal”);
JsonFeatureCollection getJson(String s) {
Reader reader = new
InputStreamReader(getClass().getResourceAsStream(s), Helper.UTF_CS);
return ghson.fromJson(reader, JsonFeatureCollection.class);

when i read this example for read OSM file from this page:

I saw it creates a hopper Object that type is GraphhopperOSM,

So can you guide me how can i Create hopper object form json file and
import the load?

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