How can i fixed the shape reader defects

when i test the shape reader, i understand it has problem and can not return the true instruction.
I debug it but i can not resolve the problem .
Can any one help me to resolve the problem?
P.S. Sorry for posting again about this issue, because no one attention about this issue.
I think it is important defects and maybe its other problem.

Best Regards

Please do not open a new topic. In rare cases ping readers after one week when no one responds. Instruction method contains Incomplete information about route

Here you do not describe what you have done and what error messages you are getting, so no one can really help you move forward or suggest what you could do. Is this really the same problem? Why do you say shape reader has defects and in the other topic you have problems with instructions?

thanks for your reply
I debug the shape reader, and understand it is shape reader problem and instruction method is true.
I did those instruction :
1- uploading the shape file ( the shape file which is use in Graphhopper shape reader test)
final String shapefile = "/home/parsijoo/IdeaProjects/parsijoo/data/gis.osm_roads_free_1.shp"
2- create Graphhopper Object: GraphHopper hopperShp;
3- then initiate the Graphhopper Object by “initithopper” as like as shape reader test.
hopperShp = initHopper(new GraphhopperSHP(), shapefile, tempOutputDirFromShp);
4- create the request and send to server and get response about this source and destination( for example)
FromToPair pair = new FromToPair(35.911676, 14.492111,35.908769, 14.503413);

5- get points and instructions of calculated path and craete json file of instruction :
PathWrapper pathWrapper = pair.getPath(hopperShp, false);
InstructionList il = pathWrapper.getInstructions();
List<Map<String, Object>> resultJson = il.createJson();
6- then print the instruction of this path :
int NumberOfInstruction = resultJson.size();
for (int i = 0; i < NumberOfInstruction; i++) {


but when i print the instruction, it just return the first instruction. and the size of instruction is 2.

It is probably more the instruction creation which is currently a bit simplistic: it just creates an instruction if the way attributes change, and if you have a shp file with only a few attributes per street this is highly likely there is no change.

Maybe you can try this branch as workaround: ?