Help needed with unassigned job cost override

Good afternoon/morning!

I would like to edit the unassigned cost (fee) for my services.
I have a few services that should not show a fee (or a very low one), as they are super low priority
I have a few services that cannot be skipped, and I would like to set a super high fee.

I understnad the built in priority metric is not as cut and dry as the above constraints, but I am also willing to give it a try.

As my last question, is it possible to add an override to the XMLreader to allow the definition of service priority in an xml file.

You can define custom SolutionCostCalculator to add a cost penalty based on type of unassigned jobs.

You can modify,
readShipments and readServices and other related methods to allow definition of service priority in an xml file

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!

I hope that I can help the community, as well, very soon.

Also, is there any way to get my builder to run in debug or verbose mode?

Currently the only thing that is displayed is the solution, I don’t get any stats on the run, such as time, as seen in the examples. Not sure what I missed haha.

What IDE are you using?

I’m using intellij IDEA