Having long break at start point

I am having a problem of long breaks. I have FINITE fleets and several jobs. All the vehicles have one break. Now when I have the solution I found some of vehicles are waiting for long time after 1 service then taking break. In some cases it waits at depot for longer time then take break at depot and then went to another service. And I have some jobs unassigned after that. Some times it waits for very long time and do just 1 job.
What to do if I don’t want to wait for so long?
What to do if I don’t want to take break at depot?

You would need to provide more information on the specifics of the problem. For example:

  1. Do you penalise waiting cost with .setCostPerWaitingTime() in VehicleTypeImpl?

  2. What are the time windows like in your problem? Are you sure that something could be reasonably serviced during the time that the vehicle is doing nothing?

  3. I have not encountered drivers taking breaks at the depot, I don’t think this should be possible. Are you sure that they are not simply waiting because there are no jobs that can be serviced due to time window constraints? I know somewhere there is a discussion about a feature for vehicles to not leave warehouse at the start of the shift (they used to leave, and then sit at their first location and wait for the time window to open) but my google skills are failing me at the moment. Are you sure that drivers are taking an unreasonable break at the warehouse; that they could reasonably be servicing other jobs that would reduce the number of unassigned jobs overall? If so, you need to provide a concrete test case.

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Thanks @roganjosh
You are right. There was several jobs in same time interval. That’s why it required more vehicles.
It was the waiting time included with the breaks so I was confused.
Thanks again for your time.