Hanging building graph cache for europe-latest.osm.pbf

Its been stuck for 7 hours now after a warning about >50% reduction
It used to work,. I hadnt run europe for a while as it needs more ram and I accidentally removed the copy of the europe file and got a new one so thats the only explanation
I have put it on its own 16gig machine with 12 allocated to graphhopper
Here’s the end of the output and the version. Iireland-and-northern-ireland-latest.osm.pbf works fine as does Israel. Is there a debug flag. Can I concatonate pbfs or can I add files to graphhopper one at a time ?

2019-11-20 15:09:33.027 [main] INFO com.graphhopper.search.NameIndex - Way name is too long: «Брянск — Смоленск до границы Республики Беларусь (через Рудню, на Витебск)» — Ладыжино — Красильники — «Брянск — Смоленск до границы Республики Беларусь (через Рудню, на Витебск)» — Бабичи, 66Н-1527 truncated to «Брянск — Смоленск до границы Республики Беларусь (через Рудню,
2019-11-20 15:21:40.764 [main] INFO com.graphhopper.reader.osm.OSMReader - finished way processing. nodes: 55494210, osmIdMap.size:378172699, osmIdMap:4452MB, nodeFlagsMap.size:777630, relFlagsMap.size:0, zeroCounter:392006 totalMB:12288, usedMB:10771
2019-11-20 15:21:40.765 [main] INFO com.graphhopper.reader.osm.OSMReader - time pass1:1607s, pass2:2702s, total:4310s
2019-11-20 15:21:40.769 [main] INFO c.g.r.s.PrepareRoutingSubnetworks - start finding subnetworks (min:200, min one way:200) totalMB:12288, usedMB:10771
2019-11-20 15:41:05.809 [main] INFO c.g.r.s.PrepareRoutingSubnetworks - car-access|version=-318709518|bits=1|index=0|shift=24|store_both_directions=true findComponents time:1165.0365, size:3891850
2019-11-20 15:41:50.289 [main] INFO c.g.r.s.PrepareRoutingSubnetworks - 29828994 subnetworks found for car, totalMB:12288, usedMB:7262
2019-11-20 15:42:01.035 [main] INFO c.g.r.s.PrepareRoutingSubnetworks - optimize to remove subnetworks (29828994), unvisited-dead-end-nodes (16129031), maxEdges/node (12)
2019-11-20 15:42:01.333 [main] WARN com.graphhopper.storage.BaseGraph - More than a half of the network should be removed!? Nodes:55494210, remove:29812579

~/graphhopper# ./graphhopper.sh -v
## using java 11.0.4 (64bit) from

I’ve just noticed that question mark, is it expecting a response, I am running again without redirects

Just a suggestion but can you process the PBF file first and use the processed copy instead of the PBF?

java -Xmx8G -jar graphhopper-fat-jar-1.0.jar config=config.properties osmreader.osm=c:\temp\latest.osm.pbf

Where Xmx8G is the ram set in java.

I’ve got it on 14g now. I just hack graphhopper.sh. I wa running out of heap I think but not terminating.Well I am I just saw the error. Runing again now

I think I had to upgrade to a 32g box in order to cook this, then can downgrade, Anyway its just memory though there may be an issue with regard to catching the heap error but if you havent got the memory then its not going to work.

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