Graphhopper geocode not working when using "graphhopper-web-0.11.0.jar"

Hi ,

we are using graphhopper-web-0.11.0.jar , we are using to caluclate eta, whiich is working fine, but when trying to use geocode to get the address , it’s not working.

although when use direct geocode api :,-74.832397&reverse=true&locale=en&debug=false&provider=default&key=803d3de1-845d-480b-bfb7-09d6cfe13347

it’s working.

we can’t use the direct url as there are some firewall restriction, we need to deploy the jar on our server and then use it and in this case geo coding not working.

pls let me know, what do we need to do to resolve the issue.

The GraphHopper routing engine is only about routing. Geocoding and map tiles are not developed in this project.

What you probably mean is the GraphHopper Geocoding API, for this have a look here:

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