Graphhopper and JDK11

Hi there,

I am using the graphhopper low level api in a project at work. I am currently in the process of migrating the project to java 11 including module-infos.

I need to pull in both unnamed modules core an api to fulfill the requirements of my project, however both modules overlap so compilation rightfully fails resulting in errors like

[ERROR] the unnamed module reads package com.graphhopper from both graphhopper.core and graphhopper.api

Any ideas?

We do not yet include module information into our jars as we would have to create two distributions. Without module info it will work though and for a later version we are of course properly doing this stuff, but this won’t happen for the next release.

Hi karussell,

unfortenately since many other maven dependencies now include files on there own, it is often times not possible anymore to prevent the usage of the Jigsaw module system. (because maven combines them then and so introduces a by force)

I’m proposing with issue and pull request #2053 to introduce a “virtual” maven dependency “core-plus-api” (or different name like “core-jdk11” or “coreapi”, or, or, or) which includes both core and api (as it was before 0.11.0).

Then at least support for JDK9+ would be back again until you had the chance to solve it via to distributions or any other clever way.

I would really appreciate it, if a quick version 1.0.1 could be considered to include this, because otherwise I would have to switch back to 0.10.3 but would gladely use and test the new features in 1.0

Thanks in advance

Greetings from Germany