Graphhopper 0.13 Android customProfile.class

Dear community,

lately i am working on implementing a custom.class into graphhopper 0.13. I am searching how to create a graph for my profile because i guess the following error message is telling me i have to build a graph for my profile, not for the car profile. Any hints where to search or examples in the www?

Current Error Message:
An error happened while creating graph:Encoding does not match:
Graphhopper config: custom|speed_factor=2.0|speed_bits=4|turn_costs=false|version=2
Graph: car|speed_factor=5.0|speed_bits=5|turn_costs=false|version=2
Change configuration to match the graph or delete /storage/emulated/0/Download/graphhopper/maps/europe_germany_berlin-gh/

Deleting does not fix anything :slight_smile:

Kind regards