GPS-precise endpoints work only in web app, not in command line matching


I am interested in getting the GPS-precise endpoints as in GPS-Precise start end endpoints for mapmatching which is included in pull request 51. However, while it works using the web app, the matched GPX file produced by the command-line application continues to extend beyond the ends of the original GPX.

As a test example I am using the Leipzig map located at map-data/leipzig_germany.osm.pbf and the file test2.gpx in matching-core/src/test/resources/. When uploaded to the web app running on localhost, the resulting endpoints match the original precisely.

However, when I do the match via the command line, the endpoints don’t necessarily correspond to the endpoints of the original file.

(Red is original trace, blue is matched)

Is this expected, i.e. not a bug? And if it is expected, how can I make the output GPX files of the command-line matching to be GPS-precise as well?