Getting PointNotFound error for 46.0838,-109.729 in GH master latest code

This point 46.0838,-109.729 is in Montana, USA.

I have locally cloned latest master branch of GH and tried building montana-latest.osm.pbf from Geofabrik. When I query directions to 46.0838,-109.729, it throws PointNotFound error.

But the same point works in here:

I tried changing following parameters to 2 than default 200:
prepare.min_network_size: 2
prepare.min_one_way_network_size: 2
But still getting the error.

Could you please help understand what parameter i need to change to get this point working? I have also disabled barriers and provided access to private roads.

I think you need to increase that parameter number not make it smaller.
Also recreate the graph when you retry

I deleted the cache and rebuilt with:
prepare.min_network_size: 20000
prepare.min_one_way_network_size: 20000

still not working :frowning:

As I debugged through GH code, I found it is unable to find closest node to 46.0838,-109.729, but can’t grasp further.

@karussell, @easbar , could you please help with this? I am seeing many valid points close to mountains or water throw PointNotFound when checked with large map cache. For e.g. [38.8110386,-104.5170216] works fine when checked on with just Colorado pbf file, but throws PointNotFound when build with North America pbf file.

Also, what is the radius limit upto which closest node to a given point is searched for. How can I increase that radius?

I have tried reducing and increasing prepare.min_network_size: 20000 but it didn’t help. Also trying if increasing index.high_resolution will help but I don’t think as I feel the points have been removed from cache while Preparing Subnetwork due to low connectivity. If so how can I keep those points still in Map. Since they exist when pbf file is small, there should be a way to retain them in large maps too.

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