Getting PointNotFound error for 46.0838,-109.729 in GH master latest code

This point 46.0838,-109.729 is in Montana, USA.

I have locally cloned latest master branch of GH and tried building montana-latest.osm.pbf from Geofabrik. When I query directions to 46.0838,-109.729, it throws PointNotFound error.

But the same point works in here:

I tried changing following parameters to 2 than default 200:
prepare.min_network_size: 2
prepare.min_one_way_network_size: 2
But still getting the error.

Could you please help understand what parameter i need to change to get this point working? I have also disabled barriers and provided access to private roads.

I think you need to increase that parameter number not make it smaller.
Also recreate the graph when you retry

I deleted the cache and rebuilt with:
prepare.min_network_size: 20000
prepare.min_one_way_network_size: 20000

still not working :frowning:

As I debugged through GH code, I found it is unable to find closest node to 46.0838,-109.729, but can’t grasp further.

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