Get actual/practical departure time for a vehicle


How can we get the actual/practical departure time for a vehicle? For example, if the setEarliestStart for a vehicle is set to 3pm, but the first activity is open at 8pm and the traveling time between the depot and this activity is 1 hour. So, the practical start time for the vehicle is 7pm.

Is there a way to know this info (practical start time for the vehicle) during creating the solution/route? I want to implement hard activity constraint that takes this info into account.

Thank you!

Currently, the vehicle’s departure time is a hard physical constaint, i.e. earliestStart of vehicle is always the actual departure time.

Ah, yes. I realized this. Thanks for clarification.

What is the reason for this constraints, is it possible to relax this constraint to have the ‘correct’ departure time ?