Generation of the Initial solution


It seems the current version of jsprit doesn’t take into account constraints for the construction of its first of all solution.
Is there an expected modification of the behavior by moving some elements to jsprit-io ?

To me, it seems, the first call to the AlgorithmStartListener using the InsertionInitialSolutionFactory is to blame.
By my side, at least, it doesn’t check the loadConstraints, but I can’t figure out where the problem is, since the problem seems well defined

Ok, the function “readAndCreateAlgorithm()” is never called when the problem is builded using readAndCreateAlgorithm(…).

Hi @braktar,
What do you use to build your algorithm? Jsprit.Builder? If so, it should account for constraints, if not, I need to check. Probably I will deprecate every other way to build an algorithm since it is too much work (and not so much benefits) to keep every way up to date.
Best, Stefan

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I create it using :

Ok. I need to check this. What prevents you from using Jsprit.Builder?

I don’t the way to send the AlgorithmConfig to the builder from the XML reader :confused:

Ok. By using Jsprit.Builder, you can only configure the algorithm in code rather than via xml.