Free package changes

We have decided to introduce the following changes to the free package in the next 6 weeks:

  • limit the requests so that max. 20 credits per minute are allowed.
  • limit the vehicle options to just car, foot and bike
  • the location limit was advertised as 5 but we did not yet enforce this and allowed more. Now we will enforce 5.

These changes will only affect you if you see free as package name in your dashboard.

With these change we make sure to provide the 500 credits per day of the free package for every of the already thousands of free users. Please be fair and keep in mind that the free package is only for non-commercial usage. And please attribute us.

Please ping us if you have an active open source project or OpenStreetMap project worth to support with more features and exceptions :slight_smile: ! Of course we are open to feedback about all changes from all users!

Edit: Feel free to sign up for a bigger package for one month here.

Edit2: Regarding the location limit

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