FlagEncoder minimum speed?

Issue: I get a ConnectionNotFoundException when I set the flagEncoder speed to less than 3.
Question: What is the minimum speed I can use for FlagEncoder?

Here are some details about the way I’m using GraphHopper.

  1. I’m using a third party traffic provider to get speeds.
  2. graphHopper weighting = no
  3. Using the car encoder
  4. minNetworkSize = 200
  5. minOneWayNetworkSize = 200
  6. I’m using graphhopper-core = 10.1


You have to specify the speed factor to 1 (or even lower)

Either in Java:

new CarFlagEncoder(8, 1, 0) // current default is 5,5,0

or in the config:

graph.flag_encoders: car|speed_bits=8|speed_factor=1

thank you!

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