Ferry Duration Times for Cars, Bicycles and Pedestrian

I’ve been adding in ferry duration times in Washington State. Testing out the results on Graphhopper, I noticed that the router gives different times on the same ferry route for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. For example the Mukilteo-Clinton Ferry (5901929) shows the following results:

  • Car 4.42km will take 44min
  • Bicycle 4.42km will take 26min
  • Pedestrian 4.42km will take 29min

The actual duration is 20 minutes.

Similar results occur on different routes which makes me it’s a bug.

Thanks in advance,

Yes, this sounds wrong. Although we cannot guaranteed equality due to storage related things, all ferry duration times should be in the same area independent of the vehicle. Would you mind to open a new issue on github referring to this discussion?