Fail to load ghz data into hopper (Android)

Currently i working on Android Graphhopper 0.6.0.
I fail to load the data into graph hopper. - asia map
^^ Gives me an error: Version of edges unsupported: 12, expected:13

And also i was unable to load the .osm data using wget to download, it gives me a error.
Any tips on how i can get it loaded into the phone.
Or anyways i can get a latest version of the asia map ghz with a version 13 edges.

The version of the map has to match the GraphHopper version, so in your case I guess you need to use 0.5 or lower or just ask the pocketmaps people. To create the necessary data see the documentation, this can’t be done on the phone at the moment.

I am stuck at step 2, as i don’t know where am i supposed to execute the command and also where should i put the .osm for example i have already downloaded a Singapore.osm . Do i specify the path of the file or i put the file inside the graphhoper folder? “C:\Users\user\Desktop\graphhopper\Singapore.osm”.

I tried them and it gives me

$ ./ import Singapore.osm
## using java 1.8.0_77 (64bit) from
## using existing osm file Singapore.osm
./ line 82: mvn: command not found
No Maven found in the PATH. Now downloading+installing it to ./maven
./ line 90: wget: command not found
unzip:  cannot find or open, or
mv: cannot stat 'apache-maven-3.2.5': No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove '': No such file or directory
## building parent
./ line 101: ./maven/bin/mvn: No such file or directory
## compilation of parent failed

Please follow the windows guide, inclusive installation of wget, unzip etc when using windows / cygwin

Thanks Karussell! I got it running! Been stuck on this for days

Karussel, may i asked. Is there any way to generate walking and bicycle routing data? Using the same osm file.

You can modify the properties file in order to change the vehicles in graph creation.