Export all TOWER Nodes

Is there any simple possibility to export all TOWER Nodes with coordinates?

Export to a text file? The pseudo code for this is something like:

na = graph.getNodeAccess
for(i = 0 to graph.getNodes)
   system.out.println(na.getLat(i) + ", " + na.getLon(i))

BTW: a minor improvement for us regarding consistency will be to use na.getSize instead of graph.getNodes


I basically want to export (print in console or text file) a list from all TOWER Nodes with osm_id, lat, lon.
Is this possible with your suggested approach?

(In my understanding) GraphHopper does not conserve the osm ids.
You would have to do something similar to that (https://github.com/karussell/graphhopper-osm-id-mapping) to keep the osm node ids.

The example is for edges, but it’s very similar.