Error in testing GPX file

I am getting the following error message when testing the map matching a GPX file.
gps import took:0.12292803s, match took: 4.096E-5
2018-02-22 11:09:17,127 [main] ERROR com.graphhopper.matching.MapMatchingMain - Problem with file .\matching-core\src\test\resources\points.gpx Error: Too few coordinates in input file (0). Correct format?

What is the correct format for GPX file? I have a lot of data in csv format. I converted this data to GPX in R. Is there a way to run the algorithm for csv or JSON files?



AFAIK the map matching requires a minimum amount of points in the GPX file. Your file might not have enough points?


The input file does have 9000+ points. But I have made the file as waypoints. Now I changed to trackpoint gpx. But now it returns the following error.
2018-02-22 17:21:57,203
[main] ERROR com.graphhopper.matching.MapMatchingMain - Problem with file .\matching-core\src\test\resources\points2.gpx Error: No edge matches found for path. Too short? Sequence size 656

Hard to say without the file. Might be that GraphHopper cannot find a route for the provided gpx file and selected vehicle.

Thanks. I found out the problem. I didn’t clear the graph cache. It was trying to match with Leipzig map data. Now its fixed.

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