Effect of alpha, probabilities, warmup


I wanted to learn more about jsprit and its algorithms for advance configuration. I have been using jsprit since long time. I am still not clear about use and impact of few parameters like alpha, probabilities, warmup mentioned in configuration file on solution and performance.

I have already gone through https://github.com/graphhopper/jsprit/wiki/Walkthrough---Algorithm .

Can someone help me understand more about these parameters and what configuration should be suitable when running jsprit on large data set. Please share references where I can read more about this configuration and algorithms.

Thank you.

The Walkthrough as well as the description about the Metaheuristic is indeed out of date. We need to update this. I will go through the docs asap. To understand the effects of alpha, etc., please read this and the header of this as well as this and this to get an understanding. The idea of why this is important can be read here also.

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