Edge base / adj nodes

I try this simple routing.

In code from the calculated path, I get the 1st edge and then its base node via getBaseNode.
The purpose is to apply an EdgeExplorer.setBaseNode at edge start/end and proceed.

But that base node’s coordinates are in a totally different place in the map: 52.391319030329264,13.564569992525206.
Am I missing something here?

You can see in Atlas the map centered at those coordinates (the crosshair is at far south of routing).


You need to use the QueryGraph to include the virtual nodes in the graph (virtual nodes are introduces at the query locations with indices higher than the max node).

The problem is that we currently do not throw an out of bounds exception if the graph is accessed not properly i.e. with too big indices -> should be worth an issue :wink:

Thanks Peter, I’ll look at that direction.

I opened issue #642.