Does Graphhopper GTFS not create routes with more than one PT?

I’m using Graphhopper for a project to calculate routes using public transit. I’ve loaded it with multiple GTFS .zip files and I can confirm that it can use all of that data to create the routes. However, it never uses more than one for a single route.

In this particular case, it calculates a route that starts with a 1 km walking leg and then a PT leg, by train. However, the last one is a walking leg that covers 3 km of distance (I do not want a walking leg that long, especially when it is possible to take public transit). I’ve already tried calculating a route that with the start and end point of that last leg, and it does use public transit to get to the destination.

As you can see, the problem is that, when creating the route, it doesn’t use the two different transports, when it really should. So I’m wondering, is this a bug? Or am I missing something?