Documentation Organisation

I don’t use github at all for my own projects, so I don’t know the limitations.

Twice in two days I have answered questions on whether there is simple documentation on getting started in jsprit. I don’t know if they’re both questions from the same user or not. AFAIK the documentation was ported over into this landing page with an expandable list of 80+ items on RHS. Many of them are benchmarks. It wasn’t obvious to me where I would look if I was starting out.

I know what to google to find this stuff, so I can work backwards to point in the right direction. I wonder whether there is a better structure for this info? Is this an actual barrier for new users trying to start out with the library due to things moving over to graphhopper?


Hi Josh,
Yesterday I filed a new issue to update the docs. I will go throught it and think about a structure to make it as simple and intuitive as possible to get started.
Best Stefan